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Collaboration and Learning

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UMB · March 6, 2018


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Version control

Demo: Wikipedia's revision history comparison

  • created to manage an information-based project being worked on by hundreds of people around the world
  • track changes in computer files over time ( binary file caveat)
  • access any version of any file at any time ( true even if binary)
  • allows multiple people to collaborate on the same files
  • each collaborator has a complete copy of the project repository, independent of network access or a central server

Dichotomy between project files on local computer & remote git server

Demo: basic git on the command line

GitHub is to git,


DropBox (etc.) is to storage.

Democratic databases: science on GitHub. Nature (06 October 2016).

Demo: briefly tour social sectors using GitHub

Demo: GitHub as data sharing tool

Demo: GitHub as project management tool

Demo: GitHub as discovery tool

Demo: GitHub as free web host

Demo: GitHub apps

Demo: more GitHub efforts for good measure

Demo: GitHub alternatives

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